オーブ エステティックサロンは、Naritasan Shinshojiや日本の成田空港近くの女性セラピストによる、女性のみがご利用いただける”omotenashi”エステです。

Aube esthetic is a "omotenashi" esthetic that only women can use by female therapists near Narita Airport in Japan.


Please use healing of Aube by all means in going back and forth in Japan sightseeing.


Why not take care of your skin and mind with AUBE? Please be free from stressful everyday life and spend a blissful time. A healing space for women by women. It is a healing space for “woman” by “woman”.


Facial hand massage, beauty serum Electroporation Beauty Method, Hyper knife slimming, The most popular Hyper knife massage.


Easy access from Narita Airport. 500m from Keisei Narita Station. A salon where foreign customers living in Japan also go.


When you're in Narita, soothe your travel fatigue with a state-of-the-art massage that's popular in Japan at AUBE, a Japanese style house private spa near Narita Airport and Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.



Aube エステは、ハンドエステ、先端機器美容で人気。美白・毛穴洗浄・小顔・リフトアップ・しわ・法令線・シミ・エイジングケア・美尻・美脚・肩こり・腰痛等、豊富なメニューで様々なお悩みに対応。

Aube Esthe is popular for hand esthetic and advanced equipment beauty. Various menus such as whitening, pore cleaning, small face, lift up, wrinkles, legal lines, spots, aging care, beautiful buttocks, beautiful legs, stiff shoulders, and back pain.


ハイパーナイフは、日本の有名な痩身機器。高周波が脂肪やセルライトに直接作用、従来のスリムマシンにはできない効率的 な痩身効果を実現します。 ピンポイントで気になる部分への施術も可能です。 また、従来の一般的な揉み出し等の痩身に比べて安全性や効果が高くリーズナブルな事も人気の理由です。そして、何よりもハンドや運動では不可能な熱刺激とLEDでコラーゲン生成、ハイパーナイフを施術後、1週間くらい経つと徐々に肌がモチモチと感じられるような美肌効果も期待できるでしょう。その相乗効果から、しわやたるみを改善でき アンチエイジングにもおすすめです。

Hyperknife is a famous slimming device in Japan. The high frequency directly acts on fat and cellulite, achieving an efficient slimming effect not possible with conventional slim machines. It is also possible to operate on the parts you care about with pinpoint. Another reason for its popularity is that it is safer and more effective than conventional slimming methods such as massaging. And, above all, you can expect a beautiful skin effect that makes the skin gradually feel moist after about a week after performing thermal stimulus and LED, which is impossible with hand and exercise, and using a hyper knife, after treating the hyper knife. The synergistic effect can improve wrinkles and sagging Also recommended for anti-aging.

Hyper relaxation


Hyper Knife, which is famous for slimming, is effective for dieting and at the same time warming the body with its thermal effect, increasing metabolism, and being effective against sensitivity to cold. Hyper Knife warms and relieves neck, stiff shoulders, swollen legs, and lower back by warming from deep within the body. You can feel deep relaxation due to the synergistic effect with the hand treatment by the therapist, which heals your mind and body troubles. 1.美容に大敵なストレス緩和 。
2.血管やリンパ液の循環を良くする 。
3.筋肉・関節を柔軟にして、凝りや痛みなどを緩和する 。
4.消化器系のトラブルを緩和する 。

1. Relieve stress, which is the enemy of beauty.
2. Improves circulation of blood vessels and lymph fluid..
3. Makes muscles and joints flexible and relieves stiffness and pain..
4. Relieve digestive problems..
5. Moisturizes the skin and increases the function of sebaceous glands..
6. Thermal effect promotes collagen production within the skin, resulting in beautiful skin..